The Maid of Bankside

The Maid of Bankside, a new play by our associate writer Anthony Bull which has been developed with Shakespeare’s Globe, opens the season. Honey-tongued Theatre Productions thus marks the upcoming 450th Shakespeare’s birthday in 2014. Directed by the associate director Gary Wright, the play will be read by the cast of six actors at Jermyn Street Theatre, on 21st November, at 12.30 pm.


London 1599, backstage at the recently opened Globe Theatre the actors are preparing for the days performance. Sit backstage in the Tiring house and watch as they transform themselves and the boys don their women’s clothes. Be privey to their secrets, troubles, jealousies, squabbles and intrigues. Who is on the way up and who is on the way out? What new delights do the Chamberlains men have in store? The Maid of Bankside holds it all in the curved embrace of her walls. Will all the cast make it on stage in time? Who is the mysterious woman in White haunting the attics?

Anthony Bull


anthony bullBiography

Gary Wright


gary wrightBiography



Janet Amsden as
John Holland


Dominic Golding as
George Bryan

Dominic Golding

Filip Krenus as
William Shakespeare



Patrick Neyman as
William Sly


Owen Pullar as
Stephen Field

Owen Pullar

Michael Swatton as
Nathan Hart


The Maid of Bankside