In development: Gloria by Ranko Marinkovic

2013 marks the centenary of birth of one of the greatest Croatian modern playwrights Ranko Marinković. HTTP is aiming to stage the first English language production of his masterpiece Gloria, sub-titled as A Miracle Play in Six Scenes. This gripping, atmospheric play set immediately after the Second World War in a remote island church questions the nature of faith as a Roman Catholic priest enlists the help of a nun (and former trapeze artist), to create a miracle and thus rekindle the faith of the locals.

Sumptuously drawn and remarkably topical, Gloria moves from everyday foibles and humor through to romance and tragedy whilst addressing highly ethical questions about society. Is having faith more important that the way in which the faith comes about? How much PR hypocrisy is involved in maintaining the institutions we believe in?

We are also very excited by the possibility of creating a highly visual performance aesthetic which draws upon the European tradition of dark clown.

Honey-tongued Theatre Productions is collaborating with Artistic Organization Satir and Academy of Arts Osijek.

In development: Gloria by Ranko Marinkovic