Honey Bear

Hedgehog’s Home – The Musical

Honey-tongued Theatre Productions has branched out into Honey Bear Youth Theatre.
Honey Bear has been set up to retell the known and lesser known stories for young audiences, aiming to encourage their imagination.

Storytelling is at the heart oft he theatre and we delight in delivering the original, carefully chosen and crafterstories in our shows which can be adapted to any performance space.

Hedgehog’s Home (original title: Ježeva kućica) by Branko Ćopić, was first published in Yugoslavia the early 1950’s, and since then has gone on to become one of the most popular children’s books in the region: firstly in the Republic of Yugoslavia and consequently in the independent states following the break-up. To the credit of its literary worth, it is still an integral part of the national curriculum for primary school literature in Serbia, Croatia and Bosnia. This is a story that holds a special significance for so many generations of readers in the region, and it is important to note that ‘Ježeva kućica’ was described by the popular Croatian contemporary writer, Dubravka Ugrešić, as her favourite children’s story.
Hedgehog’s Home – the Musical, our first production, is a timeless, vibrant and engaging story that directly supports the National Curriculum tackling a multitude of important themes for young audiences, enticing them to think about the world.

The UK professional premiere of Hedgehog’s Home will be at the Tabernacle Theatre on 15th December with two performances, at 3 pm and at 6.30 pm, before embarking on the tour around UK schools.
For more info go to the site: http://hedgehog.honey-tongued.co.uk/